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The Coolest Square Watch——Review Of Replica TAG Heuer Monaco CW2113.FC6183

We have introduced many watches with round dials before, such as Ballon Bleu de Cartier, Omega Speedmaster, etc. In fact, most watches have a round dial, which is in line with the general public’s knowledge of watches. However, what I want to recommend to everyone today is a square watch. It comes from replica TAG Heuer’s Monaco series. Anyone who has some knowledge of the Monaco series knows that the watch dials of this series are all square. This innovative design also caused a shock in the watch industry, letting everyone know that the original square watch is also so attractive to the public. Then, let us understand this very unique replica TAG Heuer Monaco watch CW2113.FC6183.

Most people know Monaco because of a person——Steve McQueen, who is also called “Cool King”. In 1971, he played the leading role in the racing movie “Le Mans”, and a picture in the movie was forever engraved in the hearts of the public. In the picture he is wearing a TAG Heuer logo, a TAG Heuer watch on his wrist, and a Porsche 917 beside him. It is this simple picture that everyone remembers the Monaco square watch. To some extent, replica TAG Heuer can be regarded as the second protagonist of “Le Mans”. It and Steve McQueen have achieved each other, and our recommended Monaco CW2113.FC6183 watch also inherits the design essence of the original watch worn by Steve McQueen.

Steve McQueen and TAG Heuer Monaco Replica

Something Details Replica

The colors selected for the replica Monaco CW2113.FC6183 watch as a whole are bright blue, bright red, translucent silver and low-key white, which shows a stylish and uninhibited style, which is unforgettable.

Watch Dial

The dial is a blue sunburst dial with a matte finish. There are two square sub-dials with a white background on the dial. The square dial is consistent with the overall square appearance of the TAG Heuer Monaco CW2113.FC6183 replica watch, but it will not appear abrupt in the round dial. The main functions of these two sub-dials are: the square dial on the left is the hour chronograph dial; the square dial on the right is the minute chronograph dial, and the bright red hands are used in both dials, which is in sharp contrast with the white dial. This is also the color scheme that TAG Heuer often uses in the Monaco series.

Replica Watch Dial


The calendar function is also an indispensable function of the TAG Heuer Monaco CW2113.FC6183 watch replica. This watch places the calendar function directly above the six o’clock position, and the calendar can be clearly seen through the square window. A small second hand is set above the calendar, adding functionality while highlighting a stylish design.

The hour markers of the entire large dial adopt translucent silver three-dimensional hour markers, and a circular pattern is inlaid underneath. The hands are the slender red second hand and the hour and minute hands decorated with silver edges. The time scales and hands on the watch have been polished, and the whole watch is exquisite.

Watch Case Replica

The case of the fale watch uses a 39mm stainless steel case, which has been finely processed by the frosting process and shows a bright luster at any angle. The square shape also makes the entire replica watch look particularly cool.

At the same time, the two buttons on the right side of the case also strengthen the use of the watch’s timing function. The buttons are also angular, which is consistent with the overall watch style.

The strap uses a blue crocodile leather strap to enhance the wearing comfort.

Replica Strap

For people who like square watches, this replica TAG Heuer Monaco CW2113.FC6183 watch is a very good choice. It can not only meet the public’s demand for watch functions, but also meet the public’s need for watch appearance in fashion needs.Recently, this watch in our store is on sale, you can learn more in our store replica-magic.to.

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