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The Vast Starry Sky That Can Be Worn On The Hand——Patek Philippe Ref.5102 Replica

In 1888, Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Willem van Gogh created a “Starry Night Over the Rhone”. This painting shows the splendor of stars and the vast universe. Whenever we look up, we will sigh how small we are and how short life is.
Nowadays, more and more high-rise buildings are built, and urban forests are getting denser and denser. Light pollution has made it difficult for us to see the vast starry sky and the bright Milky Way in the past.

Today we are going to introduce a vast starry sky that can be worn on the hand——Patek Philippe Ref.5102 replica. The design of this luxury watch replica coincides with the “Starry Sky on the Rhone” created by Vincent Willem van Gogh. It is more like an aesthetic reproduction across time and space.
Replica Patek Philippe Ref. 5102 is a simplified version of Ref. 5002 that Patek Philippe launched at Baselworld in 2003. Ref.5102 cancelled the tourbillon device, the minute repeater function and the perpetual calendar function, and the final dial only retained the “brilliant stars and vast universe”.

Dial Design Replica

The details of Patek Philippe replica Ref.5102 are very delicate. In order to ensure the beauty of the watch and the legibility of the time, the hands in the dial use silver-white hollowed willow-shaped hands, and the second hand is eliminated. This design not only allows the public to clearly see the existence of the pointer, but also does not cover the starry sky in the dial replica.
The outermost circle of the replica watch dial uses silver-white Roman numerals, and the design of the hour markers is simple and generous.


1) Replica Patek Philippe Ref.5102 still retains the function of moon phase and moon track display. This function is adjusted by using the crown at 4 o’clock on the right side of the replica watch. Pull out the crown and turn it clockwise to set the moon phase. The crown makes the full moon align with the letter “S” (an indicator arrow below the moon helps the user determine the correct position). Rotating the sky map of the northern hemisphere counterclockwise can accurately show the night sky of the northern hemisphere. At the same time, it can clearly show the movement of the stars, the lunar phases and lunar trajectories, so that you can enjoy the brilliant starry sky anytime and anywhere.

2) The crown at 2 o’clock on the right side of the replica Patek Philippe Ref.5102 is used to wind the chain and adjust the time. Pull out this crown and rotate it in any direction to set the time (note that after setting the time, be sure to push the crown back to its original position).

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